A reason, A season and a lifetime.

Growing up, my mom always told me that people will always come in and out of my life for either a reason, a season or a lifetime. This was partially to point out that she was a lifetime, and I best not forget that. She also wanted me to know that people will come and go, but no one will ever be pointless. 

She explained things to me like this: A reason; they may not be around for long, but they will do or say something that could teach me something, change my outlook or just alter a situation. A season; they’re around for a little while, and mainly just affect that chapter in my life. (ie. High school friends, vacation friends, friends or friends). A lifetime; this is explanatory. Family and a select few make it into this group – it’s like a VIP club in your life.

I would say that most people I’ve encountered in my life thus far would be seasonal. I do not, however, believe that these categories are exclusive. I look for a reason in every person I develop a relationship with, and I very rarely am disappointed by people. I find that most seasonal or lifetime people come with a reason. This does not mean that every person who is in my life for a reason will stay for long enough to be a season or a lifetime. 

Now, this has all been on my mind a lot recently as I’ve been thinking about every experience I’ve had up until now. I realized that I’ve always put everyone into categories – reason, season, reason, reason, season, lifetime, reason. 

Not once have I looked at things from the other side. What do want to be in other peoples lives. How can I affect their lives in a positive way? Do I want to be around for a season? or a lifetime? I personally decide which category a person is in within the first couple encounters.

“What is their reason for being in my life?” 

“How are they going to change my life?”

Looking back, I want to start looking at things differently. A new chapter, a new outlook. 

I want to meet people and ask myself questions like:

“What is the reason, I’m in their life?”

“How can I positively effect their day? Their life?”

One thought on “01.22.2014

  1. Karate Mama says:

    Love this! Great way to see life in a different view and how we impact others (hopefully in a positive way!). Keep up the good work! 🙂

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