What do you want to be when you grow up?

A question I’ve been asked my entire life, still today I get asked that a lot. I’ve wanted to be all sorts of things: archaeologist, pyrotechnician, airplane mechanic, fashion designer, environmental lawyer – evidently I’ve never had much of a clue. Regardless, that question has lingered over me for years. When I graduated high school I got rushed into finally making a decision, and surprise, I picked wrong. Turns out, environmental studies wasn’t for me. So I crossed that one off the list, took some time off and went back to school for marketing. People often ask me “Why marketing, what do you find interesting about it?” and I’ve finally figured out what it is.

For years I spent most of my time thinking about the future, and no time thinking about the present. The time I wasn’t thinking about the future, I was lingering in the past; the “what-if”s and such. After taking a step back, and looking at where I was, where I had been and where I wanted to be, it dawned on me. I knew I didn’t want to spend my life focusing on the past, so I knew I didn’t want to deal with history or analytical work. So I thought about focusing on the future, I could be a politician, a scientist, a fashion designer and focus on what was going to happen next. But that would continue to leave the void of the now. 

I know a lot of people are really good at separating their work and their personal lives, but I’m not one of those people. If my work is focused in the past, I will be focused on the past, if my work is focused on the future, I will be to. If my work is focused on the here and now, I too will be able to live my life in the here and now.

Marketing. What people want right now? What would make them happy right now? What would make me happy right now? Sure, there’s areas that look at the past trends, or upcoming trends – but that’s healthy. I wouldn’t be who or where I am today without my past, and I wouldn’t want to continue to be better than I am now without the hope of a future. 

This all might sound awfully cliche to a lot of you, but if I can bring my passion into my work, and have both intertwine together, I would call that a successful life.

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