It’s been about three months since I moved here, can you believe it?

In a month Meghan and I will be getting out own place finally and then I’ll probably start feeling more grounded. This has been a long free-fall and I’ve been spinning in all the directions. I’m feeling confident that I will avoid face-planting, but I can’t say much more as for with direction I will hit ground. 

I’m still trying to figure out who Vancouver-Savanna is. All I know thus far is that Vancouver-Savanna and Victoria-Savanna are not the same person, and I’m not sure if that excites me or terrifies me. It may be that I’m growing, and learning how to adapt, or is could be that the city is making me hard and bitter. I’m doing my best to stay true to myself and not become the bitter person I see some days.

Some days, when I can sit down and breathe I remember who I am and it keeps me from feeling like another zombie wandering blindly through the streets of Vancouver. When I’m sitting by the ocean in the sun, talking to Meghan or just reflecting on things that have changed, and things that have remained the same. Those are the moments I remember that there are no such thing as “Vernon-Savanna,” Ølen-Savanna,” “Victoria-Savanna,” and “Vancouver-Savanna”. They’re all fictional characters that play supporting roles in my life, and in the end, I’ll always just be – and I’m okay with that.

We all know that any version of Savanna will figure out a way to land feet first, gracefully.

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