This morning as I was stressing over work that didn’t require me stressing out, and wondering about life and what will come of it, my aunt said something to me. She told me that life isn’t all about success, or money, or status, which is one of the things I’ve always known, but never really knew. She told me that life is about happiness, and happiness might not come from work, or money, or success, or status, but it can come from the small things. So I sat down in bed, with my coffee and finished up some reading for work. Throughout my reading a few things happened that reminded me what those small things might be. 

Now, I’m a list-maker. I love lists, I love writing lists, and I probably have a list of lists I need to write in my head. So I figured why not make a list of things that make me happy.

A few of my favourite things:

  1. Sunshine
  2. Late-night take-out with Meghan
  3. Those sweet little texts from Pat that make me feel like hot cocoa on a snowy day (with little marshmallows)
  4. The little updates from Matt after every race, this has been a tradition since he started running about 6 years ago
  5. Love and cuddles from Marley and Piper
  6. Puppy kisses. Puppies in general
  7. The ocean breeze
  8. Long walks that don’t go anywhere
  9. Coffee, black
  10. When it’s night and its hot enough out still to be in shorts

This is just a short little thing for today, but it’s Sunday, and I feel like Sundays were invented to be full of happiness and coziness.

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