I landed.

I’m on the ground now, I bumped into a couple things on my way down, but I landed on my feet. The doctors would say my ankle is sprained, but it’s healing well, and that would be the full extent of my injuries aside from a few minor cuts and bruises. The ground in Vancouver is nice, I thought it looked nice from where I was floating around, when I was debating how and where to land. But, now that I’m finally really here, I’m happy.

This past couple weeks have been just a complete whirlwind of changes, some good, some bad, some I can talk about, some are more personal. But that all comes with landing. Meghan and I ended up not getting the place we wanted that was going to be perfect for our commute to Richmond, and that was a hard thing to accept, housing here is expensive, and it seems like everything in this city is inconvenient to get to.. no matter where you are. After that news we felt a little beat down, but we dusted ourselves off and told each other that everything happens for a reason. (I’m not entirely sure either of us were sold on that at the time, but it kind of helped)

So, here’s where things get less dark. There was a reason! *cue shock and awe*

4 days after the house we wanted fell through, Meghan got promoted to a management role in her company, this came with a transfer – OUT OF RICHMOND. 2 days after that, I got a new job. This new job happens to be.. NOT IN RICHMOND. This is all very exciting, and both of these jobs would have been extremely inconvenient to get to from that place we originally wanted.

I now work as an executive assistant at a local law firm, it’s not big firm, which I really like. Both my boss, and his partner and super cool people, and they’re both really chill. I’ve been really enjoying the first couple days, and I know it will only get better from here. For the first time I feel genuinely appreciated at my place of work. My boss makes sure that I’m comfortable with every task, and expresses his thankfulness daily. I couldn’t have asked for a better job at this point in my life.

So maybe.. everything does happen for a reason.

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