Another year. It’s been.. a year to say the least.

On my 20th birthday, I was surrounded by friends and love, living in Victoria and working for Bell. On the day of my birthday, about 20 of us went out for drinks and appies, my friends at Starbucks there honoured my week with a free coffee, and we all carried on as per usual, after I demanded a week of non-stop attention. Every Savanna Week tends to go this way.

This year is slightly different. This year I am surrounded by less people, but by far more love, and I am so blessed. I will not be going out for drinks with 20 people, and the Starbucks people can’t even spell my name correctly. But change is good.

I’ve changed a lot of aspects of my life over the past year, so it’s only logical that my birthday festivities would have changed. I moved, and through that I changed my relationships and I changed my career. The relationships with my friends on the island have weakened, which is sad, but expected. This being said, my relationships with my family here has strengthened, and I’m thankful for that. I could not have made it through this year without the support of my aunts, my grandparents and my dad. Through all these changes a couple relationships have remained the same, the strongest ones, the ones that never needed to change. Mom, Yee, Meghan, Teagan.

You four girls. My rocks. Thank you, ladies.

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