things i accomplished in one month of unemployment

  1. I tried new things
    Stand up paddle boarding, numerous street festivals, cooked new things, met new people, put my trust in people
  2. I climbed a mountain (literally.)
  3. I did a headstand
  4. I completed two pieces of art, and showed them to people
  5. I beat my high score on Minesweeper
    I’m better than 80% of all people now
  6. I learned I can budget better than I have been
  7. I learned who’s really there for me
    Thanks for coming to see me, for cooking me dinner, for sending me flowers, for checking in on me, and for always answering my calls. And for not making me feel worse than I already did.
  8. I challenged myself to learn all about corporate law
    And I did alright
  9. I cried, and allowed myself to
    I’m not weak, I am human.
  10. I regained confidence in myself
    I am confident in my direction, in who I am. I weigh the most that I have since I graduated high school four years ago, 20 lbs more than my lowest weight, and still be comfortable in my body.

 And lastly, I did not once sell myself short, even when others did.

It’s been a life-changing month that I don’t plan on repeating, but I can see the blessings sprinkled throughout it.

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