I am the product of an interracial relationship.

I am the product of an interracial relationship. My father is an immigrant from Hong Kong and my mother is a Canadian born white woman. I have never seen thing anything abnormal. So, I am half Chinese, which means that almost every relationship I have been in has been interracial. Most of my friends are white, and dating Asians – OR they are Asian and dating white people – this is my norm. I know very few couples who are not interracial.

Now, I also watch the Bachelor on Monday nights – It’s my guilty pleasure. I am also an avid listener of the Rose Buddies podcast. So, as we’re all aware by now, Rachel is going to be the next Bachelorette, and for those who don’t follow this trash television, Rachel is African-American (which is far more monumental than it should be). And last week was hometowns, which means our super white Bachelor, Nick goes to Rachel’s home town and meets her family and sees her hometown (obviously). Throughout this entire story line all anyone can seem to talk about is the fact that they are an interracial relationship. This drives me crazy, and I turned to my partner and asked him “Do you think this is how they are going to handle her entire season?” “I sure hope not.” he responded.

Which brings me to the next day where I’m listening to my favourite podcast and the hosts are talking about how well the subject of interracial relationships was handled. So I suppose this means that I’m missing something. They seemed thankful that it was not an issue of “colour blindness” and not acknowledging the fact that she is black. I feel like this is wrong. Human is human, amen is amen and love is love.

This is not an issue for me or for anyone I know, which could be attributed to the facts that a) I live in Canada or b) I live in Vancouver, Canada. (Disclaimer: I’m not ignorant to what has been happening south the 49th parallel, so I understand that things are different in places like Texas.)

In my mind, I don’t see why the question “have you ever dated a black woman before?” was such a major topic of conversation. Why would that matter, it’s not like she is a completely different species – she’s an American woman. I would imagine dating her would be exactly the same no matter what colour her skin is.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this non-issue. Leave me a comment below!

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