remembering (it’s okay) to take your time.

Being unemployed is stressful, changing careers is stressful, saying no is stressful. I lost my “dream job” a little under a month ago, and decided to take this opportunity to say goodbye to my legal career.

I interviewed at a handful of places, and two law firms just in case. I felt so optimistic about many of the jobs I had interviewed for, but the rejections just kept trickling in. I began to panic about not finding work, and not not being able to break out of my career path.

Yesterday I got an offer. Another legal assistant position, and I felt so much pressure to take it because I didn’t have another offer on the table. I felt the exact same way about this position as I did when I accepted my “dream job”. I spent all afternoon conferring with my loved ones trying to find a reason to take it, trying to convince myself it was the right move until I found myself in tears on the couch crying to Sebastian about how I knew this was not the right job for me. He made himself clear, “I will support you no matter what choice you make, but you know, and your heart knows what you need to do.”

So I decided to say no to potentially the only offer I had.

Today, I received another offer. Another law firm, but not for a legal assistant position, for a personal assistant position. I’m excited about his change, as small as it is. I’m excited about my new office, I’m excited about the culture, and I’m excited about the people.

This time, I will be starting my new job with optimism, hope and excitement. So I guess it’s not so small of a change after all.

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