a controversial rant on cultural appropriation

I’m going to start this off by saying I don’t care what you like, and I see value in various cultures accepting other multicultural trends.

I’ve read article after article about cultural appropriation telling me what I can and cannot do if I want to be politically correct. I cannot wear henna, I cannot wear hoop earrings, I cannot wear braids, I cannot wear a scarf on my head.

I want to know why none of this is okay, but I can see my Chinese/Asian heritage spewed across trends and no one says anything. I want to know why the Met Gala can have an “oriental” theme and why Forever21 can sell a jacket with a tiger embroidered on it saying Korea.

I’m curious as to why Kimonos can be a trend, people can stretch their earlobes, and why everyone watches Anime but if I decide I want to get dreadlocks I’m insensitive.

K-pop is blowing up across the world, and Asian inspired embroidery is the biggest trend of 2017. The thing is, I’m glad that the world loves things that my culture and other similar cultures are creating. I know at least 5 white people with Chinese characters tattooed on their bodies, and I just don’t care. I love the fact that society is accepting and loving these things that weren’t created by white people. I just want to know why I can’t love winged eyeliner and braids, or why I can’t open a burrito shop.

Now, don’t get me wrong, do I think that you should dress up as Pocahontas or a geisha for Hallowe’en, absolutely not. But maybe we should just love the meshing of all the world’s cultures and loving the beauty that comes from it all.

Just love and respect each other. That’s simple, right?

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