sweater weather in back alleys.

These past few days in Vancouver have been so cold, what happened to summer? It’s mid-June and it feels like April! I’m so ready for the sun to come back permanently.

Seb and I leave today for England, fingers crossed for better weather there. I’ll write all about it once I’m back.

I worked with a photographer and old friend for this shoot, it was a pleasure to work with Dave again after all these years. I feel comfortable around him and we always have a lot to chat about and to catch up on.

I’m also so thankful that Dave prefers shooting me in all black. It’s not secret that I’m most comfortable wearing black from head to toe, so it makes wardrobe planning that much easier.

Unfortunately, the sweater and boots I’m wearing are discontinued now – as they should be since it’s June. Anyways, I have to go jump on a flight, have a great weekend!

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