Vacation Recap – Hartland Quay, Dartmoor, Ilfracombe and Lundy

We’re back from England! We actually will have been for a few days by the time this post goes up, but it took me a while to get this all put together. I’ve decided to break the trip into three parts as we did so much I could never fit it all into one. It was an amazing trip, and it was so refreshing to go off the grid for a week and take a trip unlike any other trip I’ve ever been on.

We stayed in the English countryside in North Devon at a place called Lundy View. It was the most serene place I’ve ever been, without a tall building or any civilization as far as the eye could see. It was just vast landscapes and the ocean. At night we couldn’t hear or see anything – an incredible escape.

On our first day we ventured down to a village called Hartland for breakfast, and then went for a hike down at the quay. This was the most incredible coastline I’ve ever laid eyes on, and no photo could ever do it justice – but I tried my best. We were very fortunate to have absolutely stellar weather for the first half of our trip with temperatures above 30C! Luckily for us we were on the coast the whole time, so we had the sea breeze to break up the heat.

On the second day, we headed south to Dartmoor National Park for a walk. There were sheep, ponies and cows all over the park roaming free in the middle of the road. We went for a walk off the trails through the terrain to find this tor with a metal sword shape object stuck in it. (we couldn’t pull it out, so I guess we’re not the chosen ones)

On day three we headed to Ilfracombe to take a ferry off the coast to Lundy Island, Ilfracombe was such a cool town. All the boats in the harbour had double keels to accommodate the changes in the tide. I’ve never seen this before, but it was pretty brilliant.

The Ilfracombe Harbour also had this amazing sculpture by Damien Hirst. The subject, Verity, is a pregnant woman holding a sword in one hand and the scales of justice in the other. She’s also standing on a mound of old law books. Breathtaking really.

After we caught the ferry in Ilfracombe we headed towards Lundy Island for a hike, it was an amazing (hot) place with beautiful views and landscapes (and more sheep and more cows) As a westcoast girl, I’m always taken aback by seeing the vast ocean with nothing on the other side. When we look out on the horizon here, there’s always more islands off the coast, it was really amazing for me to see just an empty sea as far as the eye could see.

In my next two posts I’ll share about our days exploring Hartland, Exeter and London!

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