Vacation Recap – Stoke and Exeter

This is the second part of the three part recap of my trip to North Devon, England. For part one, click here.

On Wednesday we went to the Stoke Cathedral and Cemetery. There was so much history here you could feel the age of the energy in this area. With tombstones dating back to the 1700s, it was amazing. It’s so surreal to be in an area with such old buildings coming from Vancouver where everything is so new in comparison.

We found two tombstones from the mid 19th century that marked where Seb’s ancestors were buried which is incredible.

From the church we took a walk a few miles to the Hartland Abbey, which had some incredible grounds. We didn’t spend a lot of time here, but I couldn’t help but try to capture the beauty of this amazing building.

Then we ventured back into Hartland just as a storm began to roll in. Hartland was such a quaint, interesting village that seemed to have everything you could need regardless of the fact that it was tiny.

On Thursday we took a road trip south to Exeter, which is such an amazing city with such rich history. We went to the Exeter Cathedral which was an amazing example of traditional gothic architecture. It was truly breathtaking how detailed and artistically designed it was.

We then walked up to the Exeter Castle (Rougemont Caste) where the plaque honouring the last people executed for witchcraft in England was. It was very sobering, and reminded me how blessed we are for coming so far.

Exeter got me very excited about moving to Ottawa, where maybe the history isn’t quite as rich, but there is so much more character there than anywhere I’ve lived yet.

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