To the Friends I’ve Lost Touch With…

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for whatever drove us apart. I want you to know that I still think about you and I will always have so much love for you. I hope you’re doing well – it seems like it from what I see on social media.

It brings me joy to see your happiness. Sometimes I get sad because I used to imagine that we would celebrate the big moments together, that we’d have a toast to all we’ve accomplished and how far we’ve come. I miss you.

We don’t keep in touch anymore. A couple back and forth likes of profile photos and status updates have taken the place of regular phone calls, skype dates and daily texts.

I’m sorry I wasn’t there when times got tough, and trust me I wanted to be – but how do you reach back out? It’s hard. I know you understand this, because we’re in this position. We both caused this. I don’t expect to hear from you anymore, and you don’t expect to hear from me – that’s fine. I always think back fondly on our friendship, and I am so blessed to follow along on the amazing journey of your life – even from a distance.

And please remember, I will forever answer your calls, texts or messages and I will always be here for you.

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