Who is Kinijalele?

Hi! I’m Kinijalele, you can call me Savanna or Sav though.

This is going to be a little different than pretty much anything I’ve posted recently. It’s raw, and its casual.

For the past three years on this blog, and for many more years before that on my old blog I have portrayed myself as fearless, adventurous and more or less perfect. I’m sorry for that. I wanted to sit down and introduce myself as I am.

I’m a 23 year old girl, who has no idea what she’s doing. I’m not traditionally cool, I’m not overly confident, and I’m not very regimented in my routines. Some days I don’t take off my pajamas or wash my hair. I don’t live a super fun and exciting lifestyle every day, and I don’t actually do that many traditionally fun things. I’m a homebody who wanted to prove to everyone that I was cooler than I was in high school. I’m not cooler than I was in high school, but that’s because I think that who I was in high school was actually pretty damn cool contrary to whatever anyone ever said.

I had my own set of struggles dealing with depression, an eating disorder, borderline personality disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. I AM mostly recovered but every day is always a new day and every day comes with it’s own sets of triggers. I may have made it sound like I am this superstar who has been cured of all ailments, and that’s a dangerous portrayal to make. Some days I still feel depressed and isolated, I don’t always love the body I see when I look in the mirror and there are some days where nothing Seb can do will make me feel okay. This is normal. I consider myself recovered because 95% of the time I feel worthy of love, I feel worthy of happiness and I feel god damn beautiful.

Now, I wasn’t lying about everything – I just kept most things very surface level, trying to avoid oversharing like it was my 2007 Facebook page (you know what I mean) and it is hard to draw a medium online. I do wash my face every night, and I do live a strict gluten free lifestyle. You probably won’t be seeing many OOTD posts going forward, not because I don’t love fashion and style, but because Kinijalele is not going to be superficial going forward. If you care about fashion and style, follow me on Instagram where I will keep most of that content.

I’d love to get some feedback from all of you about what you would like to hear more about going forward as we all continue on this journey together. Leave me some comments below about what you’d like to hear from me, Kinijalele.


3 thoughts on “Who is Kinijalele?

  1. ekastner11 says:

    LOL, the 2007 facebook page. I hear ya. I want to read about what’s important to you. What do you feel passionate about? And what’s the one thing you know you are discriminatory about and why. Go!!

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