Being my Own Best Friend

I absolutely adore my friends, as an only child, I have tended to foster friendships that are deep and loving in a sense that my friends are the siblings I didn’t have growing up.

That being said, growing up I spent a lot of time by myself. I had to learn how to play alone, and how to keep myself entertained. I was limited to an hour of “screen time” a day, that included television, MSN and my GameBoy. I spent probably close to 2 hours on the phone with my best friends when I was younger, or boys I had crushes on, but other than that I was by myself in my room creating things. I would build tiny cardboard houses and write poetry.

Throughout it all I began to discover a true friendship with myself. I became introspective and worked through major life changes alone, and learned I could rely on myself to get through all life threw at me. This hurt me a few times, and I had to learn how to reach out to loved ones and ask for help and to allow myself to depend on my network.

I found through this change I was worrying I was losing my independence and that I was losing the relationship I had with myself. Lately, over the past 2 or so years, I’ve found that friendship again with myself. I crave me time, and I love allowing myself to continue to nurture my relationship with myself. I remember to love myself, and to take care of myself because that’s what you do for your best friend.

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