The Comfort of Coming Home

I’m back in Vancouver, and my heart is calm. Being home has absolutely not been traditionally relaxing, but emotionally and spiritually my soul has found comfort. My first view of the city from the airplane sparked strong feelings, feelings of joy and belonging. I became emotional as my anxiety cleared and I knew I was home.

I was welcomed by family and my amazing friends who surprised me at the airport with signs. I am so blessed to be embraced in so much love here. People like this are the reason I knew I had to come home. The city itself presented me with the most breathtaking sunset the following night. Watching the sunset from my favourite place over my absolutely favourite view of the city was the most welcoming feeling I could have asked for.

I found a campaign to work on immediately, in an office chalk full of my kind of people. It felt as though within moments of touch down, my life began to fall into place. After what felt like an eternity of chaos and disorganization, within hours I felt like I had gotten my life back together. Everything has been busy, I haven’t had much free time, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m the amount of busy I’m comfortable with and I’m happy to be falling back into my routine and allowing myself to focus on my passions and and my future.

For the first time in months feel like I’ve made the right decision, and I will not tell you it was easy. But today, I can tell you with all seriousness, it was the correct decision. I sleep better now, I feel better now, it’s all better now.

13 thoughts on “The Comfort of Coming Home

  1. Samantha says:

    Aw I’m happy for you, girl! I can’t say I’ve been there but I can totally understand! I’ll be visiting my home town for the holidays but really have been contemplating moving back in the near future. It’s a bunch of mixed emotions, as I’m sure you know 🙂

    • kinijalele says:

      Totally fair! Vancouver isn’t even originally my home town! It’s a good place to call home for now, but I also think about moving back to a smaller town sometimes.

      I hope everything works out for you!

  2. Elly Bannon says:

    There is truly nothing like going back to where your heart and soul will always belong… home, a place you that will love you forever. Thank you for sharing! Your words are beautiful.

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