I Want to do Something Meaningful

I want to work hard for something I believe in. I do, though. Every day I work my butt off for things I believe in. I blog about things that I feel like matter, I work on campaigns that run on causes I care about and I wake up every morning and remind myself that money doesn’t buy happiness.

It’s hard sometimes though, as I know that I can easily fall back into my old ways, collect a paycheque I can live off of comfortably and repeatedly slam my head into a spacious L-shaped desk. I can go back and plant myself in an ergonomic chair that will have been specifically adjusted for my posture and also have great extended health benefits. In exchange all I would have to do is give up on my dreams, swallow my pride and admit that all the work I’ve done to change my life was for nothing.

The catered lunches aren’t worth it though, neither is view from the top of the financial district. I will happily go the next 5 years of my life without a fancy steak dinner. I don’t want to push papers for large corporations and constantly be reminded that I am a have not. I want to work with and for my community. I want to help people and fight for real change. I want to work with other strong women and inspire people everywhere. I want to show people that you can leave your “noble” job and actually, truly thrive.

I could retire one day, and live out my final years finally pursuing my dream, or I can struggle and put the time in now, while I’m young, and spend my entire life pursuing my dreams. I might not retire, but if I’m successful in building my perfect life, would I even want to?

8 thoughts on “I Want to do Something Meaningful

  1. ellymb says:

    I love your thought and insight here. Following dreams is hard! It is difficult to find the right balance in life… one full of motivation, love, peace and success. I think you are doing an amazing job 🙂

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