Meghan Does Self-Care – Why Perfectionism is for Suckers

Welcome to the first part of a (hopefully) ongoing collaboration with my soul-sister, Meghan. I talk a lot about having an amazing tribe of women who support each other and my girl, M is a prime example of this. Yesterday I messaged my best friends and begged them to write something to post this morning because I just couldn’t bring myself to do it this week. So thank you, ladies for being my rock.

Keep reading below to get a good glimpse of one of the many reasons I love Meghan.

Perfectionism – it’s that thing you claim to have in your job interviews that makes you seem like a real catch. It’s (part of) the reason I spent a couple of years starving myself in pursuit of some imaginary ideal. I didn’t believe I deserved love, or friendship, or happiness, until I hit some inane moving target. It’s also the reason I find myself tearing up on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, convinced I’ve failed* the Intermediate Accounting exam I’ve just written (*read: got a B+). It’s the end of a tumultuous week, full of group projects, exams, work, and a bout of the flu.

Instead of patting myself on the back for getting everything done on time, I’m on the bus reliving every hour I wasted over the past seven days – and there were a lot. I’m trying to do better. Not in school, but in the way that I treat myself. Recognizing that I am a human being, and that I have limitations. Setting reasonable expectations. Taking bubble baths instead of studying when I need to. Talking to myself with the kindness and understanding I seem to find for everyone else. Perfectionism – it’s exhausting, and debilitating.

My sister texts me, “You will survive if you get a B ;)” and it’s true. A B+ is good enough. Doing my best is good enough. And me? I’m definitely good enough.

Meghan doesn’t have her own blog (yet), but check her out on instagram!

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