Review – Celebrity Facial at The Skin Girls

First off, I want to start by saying thank you to Jen at The Skin Girls in Vancouver. They treated me to the Celebrity Facial which was such a luxurious and relaxing experience.


As soon as I walked in my jaw dropped by how beautifully designed their waiting area was. I filled out a consent form where I alerted them of my gluten allergy, and everything was just easy regarding that.

Once we got into the room they put this futuristic light mask on me. Generally it includes red light as well as blue light. The red light is for anti-aging, which thankfully I don’t need quite yet. Jen opted to just use the blue light on me, which kills acne-causing bacteria – which lord knows I need.

After the light mask was on for about 15 minutes we continued with the rest of the facial. After performing microdermabrasion on my face, which removed all the dead skin cells, Jen used a three-step program on me. The three steps included an activator which helps products permeate the skin, a detoxifier and an oxygenator which helps generate collagen as well and promotes circulation.

After the facial was over, Jen let me look at my¬†microdermabrasion filter, which I was thrilled about because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing all the gunk that comes out of your face. It was disgusting and I loved it.

I left The Skin Girls glowing and feeling like I had a brand new face. I stayed super hydrated all day. I wish I could do this all the time, because no matter how hard I try – I cannot achieve this at home.

I’m super not prepared ever – so I don’t have any before photos, but I do have a couple snaps of my glowy AF skin after. In short, would totally recommend this facial if you’re looking to treat yourself and really love your skin.


Immediately after the Celebrity Facial at The Skin Girls


Later that night


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