My 2017 Canadian-Made Wishlist

With the holidays just around the corner I’ve compiled a list of my favourite Canadian brands to support this yuletide season. This post is not sponsored or affiliated with any of the brands I speak about below. None of these links are affiliate links and all opinions are 100% my own.

I love to support small businesses and local businesses. Most of these brands I have worked with in the past, and have relationships with their owners, but not all. I genuinely love these products and believe in these companies. I cannot wait to see what these companies come up and out with in 2018!

Local to Vancouver

Bare Skin Bar

I am actually obsessed with these bath bombs, and I promise you I’m not just saying that because I have a giant crush on Cynthia, the owner of this company. These are incredible products made locally in Vancouver by an incredible woman. They’re made with completely Canadian-sourced materials and are made with real ingredients. They don’t have gross, artificial smells, and you won’t find any glitter in these. They do exactly what you want a bath bomb to do, smell amazing and make you skin feel soft AF.

Rocco Wear

I have LOVED Rocco Wear for years! I personally own two of her scarves and a blanket, and have gifted my friends with these scarves in the past. Another amazing woman runs this company and makes everything she sells by hand in her home. The kind of quality you can only expect from handmade knitwear.


You guys already know how I feel about REDAVID – but if you missed here, see my full review here. I highly recommend the Orchid Oil line to everyone, especially those with chemically treated hair. I like to put my hair through a lot, so I will continue to reach for my Orchid Oil products.

Elsewhere in Canada

Sewn Designs

Listen, I hate bras. I hate them. But I also have nipples and tend to obey society’s rules and expectations from time to time so I wear bras. I love the Sewn Bralettes because they are comfortable and super cute. I’ve found myself looking for more clothing to buy to better show off my Sewn Bralette. They’re handmade in Calgary and are such high quality.


Clean Natural Life

Raise your hand if you love essential oils! Yes! Me too! Clean Natural Life sells 100% pure oils, unlike many essential oils out there (seriously, do you research about certain cult favourites – you’d be surprised). This company is run out of Calgary by yet another incredible woman – except this woman is someone I’ve known for over half my life. She sells her products at a fraction of the cost you would find them elsewhere at the same (or better) quality depending on where you shop.

Basd Body Care

Again, this is a company I have written an in depth review on, find it here. I still love this product, especially as the winter has come in I am consistently looking for any product that moisturizes my skin and Basd always comes through for me.

Ask Yo Mother

Ask Yo Mother is a new company to me, but I have been obsessed with their banners. I recently won one at the Gatley opening party and it is quickly becoming my favourite piece. They have a banner for every home, mood and occasion! Anyone would be thrilled to receive one of these this holiday season – they’re just so CUTE.

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