2017 was a Record Year

As the year starts to wrap up I can’t help but look back on this year and I’m just at a loss for words. A year ago things looked so different for me, I had different hopes, aspirations and dreams. I was a completely different person and when I look back a year ago, the girl I was feels like such a stranger.


I was working as a legal assistant at a top national law firm, working towards becoming a paralegal. I hated my career path but I felt like it must be worth it for status, money and the feeling of success. When I lost my job in February it triggered a string of events that there’s no way any one could have predicted.

I began to focus more heavily on my social media, writing more often and producing quality content. I’ve gained almost eight thousand followers this year on Instagram which has offered me countless opportunities. It’s been a wild ride. Throughout this process I was forced to genuinely get to know myself and focus on my passions in life. This lead me not only down my social media path, but also into politics. I started volunteering in February and have now worked two campaigns and feel my path falling into place. Aside from the logical, classic success I have found in this area of my life, I have also found my people. I have so much love for my friends and family within our party and feel so at home having them close by.

I have realized how blessed I am to have such an incredible support network of friends and family and I don’t think I could ever leave them behind.

Aside from all of this, I had a summer of travelling where I spend June in England. I spread my time between the English country-side in North Devon and cities like Exeter and London. Once returning I had a month settled back home in Vancouver before driving across Canada from Vancouver to Charlottetown. You can read about that trip here.

I’ve been back in Vancouver for three months and have fallen in love all over again with the city I call home. It’s not perfect by any stretch, but it’s home and it’s perfect for me.

So thank you all again for the most amazing 2017, every single person reading this is to thank for this and had a part in making this my best year yet.


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