We Need to Take Sexual Crimes More Seriously

Today, I am screaming. Today, I am angry. Today I read this news story about a man pleading guilty to Sexual Interference and not only only getting 3 months in prison, but getting his sentence pushed back so he can finish his semester at the University of Calgary.

2 years ago I pressed charges against my assailant. He plead guilty and got 8 weeks of house arrest.


Why do we not take these crimes seriously, why do we let the scum of the earth off the hook for putting such enormous weight on their “victims” (read: survivors)? It is time for this to change. I’m grateful for #metoo and for #timesup, but we need to address this issue as it effects those of us who are not Hollywood stars.

My assailant did not ruin my life, I refuse to give them that power. My assailant killed part of me, sure – but the justice system also killed a part of me. That being said, they both also lit a fire in my soul. A fire that shouts at me to fight for the safety of our children, and to fight to seek real justice. I will forever carry the weight of what happened to me, as will other survivors. That doesn’t mean we can’t make noise, let’s not let them silence us anymore.

3 months of prison is NOT ENOUGH. 8 weeks of house arrest is NOT ENOUGH. Show me how that is equal to a lifetime a psychological imprisonment.


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