Accidentally Putting Down Roots – 4 Years in Vancouver

Four years. Today is my fourth Vanniversary and I’m ashamed to say I spent the first 3 and a half years trying to leave. Then I did. I then spent 2 months trying to get back, and I’ve spent the last 4 months being absolutely infatuated with my city.

I remember 4 years ago feeling the kind of hope that I had lost up until recently, I also remember calling my mom in tears multiple times since then. I felt this city take me in, chew me up and try to spit me out. I felt myself fighting it for years, trying to find my place. I felt myself giving in and finding a way out. I felt Vancouver win.

Vancouver absolutely did win, but not in the way I thought it had. The city tested me, pushed me and grew me. When I stopped trying to fight it, it gave me community and love. I found my people and my routine, and over the past year this city became my home. I had to leave for a minute to find my way back, but I wouldn’t take back a thing.

I don’t think I’m still falling, I think I hit the ground last year and didn’t even notice. All I know is that now, I’m climbing and I’m on my way back up, and now I’m in control of where I end up. Maybe I’ll jump again, maybe not – we’ll find out.

My heart lives in this city and I’m so blessed to be here. Thanks for the most unreal 4 years, here’s to the next one.

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