4 Things I wish Someone told me About Microblading

I hate hate hate filling in my eyebrows, so let me tell you, microblading is no joke!

I got my eyebrows done at Avenue 42 in Langley, BC by Mandi, and she was so incredible. She talked to me throughout the entire appointment and had really awesome communication in order to ensure that I was getting the brows I wanted.

I don’t think I need to write you a review, as the before and after photos speak for themselves. So I figured I’d tell you about my experience with microblading including all the details no one warned me about. Below I’ll tell you about my top 4 pieces of information I wish I knew. This all goes along with the shock of crazy eyebrows, itchy eyebrows, no eyebrows and then perfect eyebrows again. You can read all about those parts of the process literally anywhere else online.

Pictured above: before and after of initial appointment

1. Picking a colour is actually a whirlwind

I thought this would be the easy part, I mean, how hard can it be to match a die to your eyebrows? Turns out, a lot harder than I expected. Mandi ended up smearing three final choices of ink on my forehead for us to decide the colour.

2. The numbing is the strangest sensation

I’ve had my fair share of tattoos in my life, but never have I ever had numbing done. That being said I was super appreciative of it for this procedure as I had a lot more anxiety about the main of this than I do about other tattoos. It was so strange because I could feel the sensation of the cuts without any pain.

3. The sound is horrifying

If you thought the sound of tattoo gun was annoying, LET ME TELL YOU be thankful for it. The buzzing of the tattoo gun muffles the sound of the slicing into your flesh which can be heard when using a manual instrument like they use for microblading. I cannot stress enough how uncomfortable the sound of that it.

4. The final tweezing hurts the most

I was so nervous about the pain if the actually tattooing, and nervous that the numbing would wear off half way through and I’d just have to suffer (it didn’t). What I wasn’t expecting was the pain of Mandi plucking a few stray eyebrow hairs to be the most painful part of the entire procedure. I’ve always been a baby when it comes to plucking, waxing and threading – but damn.

They obviously faded over time, but they still looked more full. When I went in for my final touch up, that’s where is all came together and I’m in love with my brows.

Pictured above: Before first appointment, completely healed before touchup and after touchup.

*These services were provided to me free of cost, but all opinions are my own. I honestly cannot speak highly enough of Mandi and my entire experience at Avenue 42.

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