A Reminder Not to be an Asshole

People I care about keep telling me I should blog about my life updates, and I will soon, but today I need to vent. As I was laying wide awake at midnight last night all worked up about something that was out of my control, my partner told me to write about it. So we’re here.

I saw a quote yesterday, I’ve known it for a long time and always loved it but something about it made me stop yesterday.

Empowered women empower women.

Easy enough right? Wrong. Think about the amount of times you hear about a women ripping another woman down about something that wasn’t her fault. Let’s use the example of when you’re dating a cheating prick. The other woman is not the one you should be mad at, you don’t know her circumstances, be mad at him. She did not set out to hurt you, he did.

Now, that’s not what I’m worked up about. I’m worked up about women tearing each other down when we should be working to build each other up. If I went out to purposefully hurt you, fine, that’s on me – but don’t rip me down, just don’t think of me. It’s so exhausting and so toxic to spend negative energy on people.

IF I DIDN’T SET OUT TO HURT YOU, you being hurt is your choice. That has nothing to do with me, and the idea of spending your energy on tearing me down, shows a lot more about your character than mine. Things will always be complicated, and life isn’t always easy, trust me. Sometimes things hurt, I understand that, but channel that into your own personal growth and change. If you choose to channel your hurt into tearing others down, you’re an asshole.

It’s already hard enough out there as a woman, why would we make it harder for one another when we could be building each other up? I just don’t understand. Maybe you’ve done your damage, and maybe I’m at the end of my road – but everything comes back threefold.

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