Getting to Know my Friends with Fluster

*FTC: This post on sponsored by Fluster.*

Now, I love Cards Against Humanity, but sometimes I’m in the mood for something more wholesome – cue Fluster! Fluster is a game to get to know the people you’re playing with! Fluster is a Vancouver based company and you all should know by now that that’s my favourite!

A couple weeks ago Keefer and I went over to a friends place and we played with her and her partner. We both know our partners really well, each other pretty well and barely knew anything about each others partners. We played for a couple hours and probably only made it through 15 questions, but we all learned new things about each other. Including about our partners. It was the kind of game that had me leaving wondering if we were all best friends now.

I thought in order to keep this review a little more interesting I’d pull a couple cards at random and answer them for you guys!

1.  What did your 13-year-old self think you’d be doing at the age you are now?

This is a good one, when I was 13 I had my whole life planned. I would leave Vernon, move far, far away. I would be graduated university and be working in the fashion industry. I would get married by 22 and have my first child at 24. Needless to say, I made it kind of far away? 13 year old me had a completely different idea as to what she wanted in life.

2. What is the most significant difference between the person you are n ow and the person you were 5 years ago?

I’m clean off drugs, and I have a reasonable grasp on my mental health.

3. Who in your life sees you in the way you wish everybody saw you?

I think a lot people see me the way I like to be seen. I’ve worked really hard on being honest and open and kind. So the people who see that in me, those are the people who see me the way I want to be seen.

Now, a question for you – let me know in the comments below: What was your last small act of rebellion?

This would be such a great game to play on Christmas with your family! Use code KINIJALELE15 at checkout for 15% off. I am not collecting commission with use of this code.

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