snapseedKinija Lėlė is Lithuanian for China Doll. I’m not Lithuanian, but I liked the way it looked. I am, however, half Chinese – hence China Doll.

My name’s actually Savanna, though –  I’m a millenial, I live in Vancouver, and I’m sick and tired of the status quo.

I am a self-proclaimed Anti-Lifestyle blogger and I do not pretend to have any sort of perfect life. I keep it raw and feel. Aside from telling my stories and truths that I feel need to be heard, I also write about gluten-free living. I’m a true westcoast girl.

When I’m not trying to break down the barriers of perfection on social media I’m either journalling or organizing in the political arena trying to affect progressive change. I mean, what would be the point of having a platform like this with nothing important to say?

Follow me on Instagram or email me at savannamak@gmail.com


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