My Skincare Routine (Expand Post for Details)

You asked for it! So here it is! Details down below 🙂 Also, this is my first video, so please be nice. Cleanser | L’Oreal Skin Pure Clay Cleanser + Charcoal (Every Day) Mask | L’Oreal Skin Pure Clay Mask + Seaweed (2-3 Times/Week) Exfoliating Pads | First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads (Every Second Day) […]

The Art of Settling In

I’m not talking about settling, or settling down because I’m absolutely not doing either of those. What I am talking about is settling in, adjusting to changes. This period of my life has been full of changes, from moving to not moving and back and forth I have been making adjustment after adjustment until landing […]

Taking my Hands off the Wheel 

I’m a planner, I’ve always been a planner. I like everything in my life to be laid out and organized in just a certain way. I like knowing what’s next and having a timeline for everything. Over the past month, I have not been able to have control over every any aspect of my life. […]

things i accomplished in one month of unemployment

I tried new things Stand up paddle boarding, numerous street festivals, cooked new things, met new people, put my trust in people I climbed a mountain (literally.) I did a headstand I completed two pieces of art, and showed them to people I beat my high score on Minesweeper I’m better than 80% of all […]


Dissociation. I tend to forget to live in the moment. I’m in the time of my life I’ve always looked forward to, but I walk through it without ever taking a minute to appreciate the beauty surrounding me. I feel like I’m walking through a dark, unlit hallway. The only light comes off the infinitely […]


Taking care of yourself is the hardest, yet most important thing to do. I remind myself daily how important it is to love myself, and it never gets easier. I am strong. I am a rock. I do, by all definitions, rock. Yet, I am fluid, I am like the ocean, and I crave change […]


It’s my Van-niversary. Today marks exactly one year since I left my life as I knew it, forgot which way was up and began free-falling. The past year had huge ups and huge downs. Downs included leaving a lot of people I care about, my father getting sick (He’s better now) and losing my grandfather. […]


It’s amazing how happy I am capable of being. With everything going on in life, it leaves me speechless how beautiful things can be. It’s been almost nine months since the big move, and it’s been nine crazy months of change and growth. I’ve been lonely, I’ve been sad, I’ve been surrounded by love, yet […]


What do you want to be when you grow up?A question I’ve been asked my entire life, still today I get asked that a lot. I’ve wanted to be all sorts of things: archaeologist, pyrotechnician, airplane mechanic, fashion designer, environmental lawyer – evidently I’ve never had much of a clue. Regardless, that question has lingered […]