The Issue with the Hustle

Hustling is never seeing your family, it’s coming home to a dark quiet house in the middle of the night and microwaving leftovers for dinner. It’s binge eating after dinner because there wasn’t enough time in the day to eat a substantial meal. It’s missing your loved ones even if they’re 5 minutes away, because […]

Taking my Hands off the Wheel 

I’m a planner, I’ve always been a planner. I like everything in my life to be laid out and organized in just a certain way. I like knowing what’s next and having a timeline for everything. Over the past month, I have not been able to have control over every any aspect of my life. […]

Who is Kinijalele?

Hi! I’m Kinijalele, you can call me Savanna or Sav though. This is going to be a little different than pretty much anything I’ve posted recently. It’s raw, and its casual. For the past three years on this blog, and for many more years before that on my old blog I have portrayed myself as […]

Why I Blog

This is a question I ask myself regularly, and people also ask me. The answer always changes, for my long-time followers, you will know that this is my second serious blog, and my first blog was about my life abroad. I found myself lacking motivation once returning to Canada, as I didn’t feel like my […]

How I Managed to Get my Self Confidence Back After it was at an All Time Low 

Three years ago I thought nothing of myself, I had felt this way for years, and I was certain I would never amount to anything.  I was struggling with an eating disorder, and other mental illness related issues. Even after I was recovered, it took some time to rebuild the confidence I once had. It’s […]

13 reasons why I’m glad I’m alive

So pretty much everyone and their dog has seen 13 Reasons Why at this point, and I’m included in that mix and I think it’s one of the most important shows of my time thus far. Please keep in mind, I have not yet finished the show so no spoilers please. I was bullied relentlessly […]

being the skeleton in my closet.

I had always believed I was good at coping, I could always put on a smile and bury my pain deep within my soul. Until the day this pain fully fermented into the most haunting monster that wasn’t going to stop until it had taken everything I had. The disease ravaged through every aspect of my life, burning through my successes and passions like a forest fire. Slowly, but quickly at the same time I sat alone crying watching myself destroy bits and pieces of who I was until I the point where I felt like a shell wandering aimlessly through this world trying to discover who I was again.

erasing memories.

I was reading today about a study done by the University of Toronto regarding erasing memories from your mind. From what I understand, they have successfully targeted the area of your brain that holds bad memories and can now delete such memories in mice while still leaving other memories completely intact. Obviously this is still in […]