We Need to Take Sexual Crimes More Seriously

Today, I am screaming. Today, I am angry. Today I read this news story about a man pleading guilty to Sexual Interference and not only only getting 3 months in prison, but getting his sentence pushed back so he can finish his semester at the University of Calgary. 2 years ago I pressed charges against […]

Who is Kinijalele?

Hi! I’m Kinijalele, you can call me Savanna or Sav though. This is going to be a little different than pretty much anything I’ve posted recently. It’s raw, and its casual. For the past three years on this blog, and for many more years before that on my old blog I have portrayed myself as […]

erasing memories.

I was reading today about a study done by the University of Toronto regarding erasing memories from your mind. From what I understand, they have successfully targeted the area of your brain that holds bad memories and can now delete such memories in mice while still leaving other memories completely intact. Obviously this is still in […]